Saturday, 28 August 2010

Albert Einstein Bizottság - Szerelem

szerelem (i) love you
minek (?) what for
(i don't understand)

1980s hungarian underground

Monday, 23 August 2010

Review of: Les Ballets C de la B / Alain Platel & Frank van Laecke: Gardenia // at: Tanztage Berlin

Most people in the audience look like they know what they look like, they know. The principles of conversational cooperation apply to formalised theatre & everyone is willing to stand up for a minute of silence. Everyone is willing to be silent (more/less) throughout anyway. The audiences cooperate (aud§coop), though some people will leave. Bodies without determinable gender keep changing clothes. All the clothes are very expensive, the production must have had a lot of money. Glittery substances change body and facial shapes. You look like a woman, man woman. It is a show parodying a show, so it still is a show !=! this equates everyone's stillness. This constant ja ja ja und nein nein nein in the background sound is the only thing that is not vain. No one is allowed to be sadly ridiculous / ridiculously sad that is what is missing, exactly! Sadly, no one is §§: no one is no longer allowed to tell each other of [ugly] and [ ] in one way or more or less, to be honest, so instead of ?what? we accept each other's claims for beauty and achievement and potential. All is not well, no, everyone knows that, but all will be well, everyone knows that for almost-sure, too. Minds sponsored by / and now, after the break that has passed they will all pass for sure, a crude point: Just Do It, or Yes You Can or was it Yes We Can & (line learning is not a strength but there must be others, potentially) & never mind in this case both YOU and WE are inclusive while as a more generally observable tendency WE tends to be a more exclusive pronoun than YOU. Supercreative core = What unites people, but what unites people? This idea that everyone is different but the same and essentially

(it was desolating // post)