Saturday, 27 February 2010

mailing list

if you'd like to join the antigone project's mailing list in order to receive rare spam announcing performance nights like yesterday's - hopefully before they happen - you can join here:

Monday, 15 February 2010


On February 26,

YOU are invited to an evening of fragments, unfinished work, beginnings, failures, experiments, first attempts, microtheatres - featuring, among others:

Betwixt and Between (Hildesheim):
Lenzomat - eine Performance über Wahnsinn
(ca. 30 mins)

Ina Richter:
Performance of Takemitsu's "Voice"
(ca. 5 mins)

Richard Pfützenreuter:
[oder die gar wundersame Frage, warum Gott durch seinen Bauchnabel Blut in Antonins Buchstabensuppe schiss]
(ca. 45 mins)

Nancy Schwade
beauthingsies of goddessies
(ca. 10 mins)

the antigone project (lucy beynon & lisa jeschke):
john hurts [from idiot]
(ca. 30 mins)

performances - drinks
free admission - bring friends

7pm - Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin (Wallstr. 32, Haus C:
NEW LOCATION since last summer - plese click on the link for a map

please forward this to friends, mailing lists and anyone who might be interested
facebook events page:!/event.php?eid=306707260902&ref=ts

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

waste in virtual circulation

It is strange that everyone always speaks of the theatre as the paradigmatically public form of art. For unlike writing, theatre in itself is not made for public circulation: rather, it takes place within a very specific room. Only few people can witness it – even if these few are several hundreds, which is nothing in comparison to any text, or video, or photography, all of which at least imply the possibility of reaching – everyone. In this sense, theatre is always curiously private and intimate, as well as hidden from public view. Street theatre imagines it can counteract this hiddenness, but even theatre on the street is never visible to more than a handful of spectators at any one point, and in this sense theatre always takes place on a small scale. It can never be for the masses; people's theatre (I mean in a vaguely socialist tradition: Volkstheater) can only exist on a qualitative, never on a quantitative level.