Monday, 15 February 2010


On February 26,

YOU are invited to an evening of fragments, unfinished work, beginnings, failures, experiments, first attempts, microtheatres - featuring, among others:

Betwixt and Between (Hildesheim):
Lenzomat - eine Performance über Wahnsinn
(ca. 30 mins)

Ina Richter:
Performance of Takemitsu's "Voice"
(ca. 5 mins)

Richard Pfützenreuter:
[oder die gar wundersame Frage, warum Gott durch seinen Bauchnabel Blut in Antonins Buchstabensuppe schiss]
(ca. 45 mins)

Nancy Schwade
beauthingsies of goddessies
(ca. 10 mins)

the antigone project (lucy beynon & lisa jeschke):
john hurts [from idiot]
(ca. 30 mins)

performances - drinks
free admission - bring friends

7pm - Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin (Wallstr. 32, Haus C:
NEW LOCATION since last summer - plese click on the link for a map

please forward this to friends, mailing lists and anyone who might be interested
facebook events page:!/event.php?eid=306707260902&ref=ts

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