Friday, 8 June 2012

SHOW TiME Festival

he's dead / he's dead / i've shot him in the head
17 June, 5pm, SHOW TiME Festival, Rich Mix London

he’s dead / he’s dead / i’ve shot him in the head occurs in three idiotic movements (all violently moving!). They forcefully annihilate themselves and each other through an enforced rigidity of speech revealing itself in time and imposing on a room that would rather be silent, or elsewhere. Each of the movements is an echo of and commentary on found material – (1) Samuel Beckett’s play Not I in he’s dead [Not I], (2) the question of whether you can kill a man with sound in he’s dead / he’s dead, (3) the Hungarian underground band AE Bizottság’s song Szerelem in he’s dead / he’s dead / i’ve shot him in the head. Objects that Mattered in the Twentieth Century then, but these new performances are just minute and harmless re-presentations distinguished by their huge and shuddering violence.



Friday 15th June / 7pm / £10, £8 student + conc

    Rachel Mars and Rosie Kelly - Spoiling It For Everybody Else
    Present Attempt - M.O.U.S.E
    Bill Aitchison Company - Indifference

Saturday 16th June / 4pm / £10, £8 student + conc

    Augusto Corrieri - Musical Pieces
    Haranczak/Navarre Performance Projects - Control Signal

Saturday 16th June / 7.30pm / £10, £8 student + conc

    Chloe Dechery - A Duet Without You
    Joseph Mercier - Good Boy
    Seke Chimutengwende & Friends - Mr Lawrence

Sunday 17th June / 5pm / £10, £8 student + conc

    Mischa Twitchin with Penny Francis - The Field of Memory and In the Zone of Stones
    Head of a Woman - Grey Matters: A Play for Six Brains
    Lisa Jeschke and Lucy Beynon - he's dead / he's dead / i've shot him in the head (sections I-II-III)

WEEKEND PASS £27.50, £22.50 student + conc