Thursday, 2 December 2010

Two Performances

December 15th - 8pm
Oranienstr. 189 (2. HH, 4th floor)

Jeremy Hardingham (45 mins) - _Distract_
Lisa Jeschke & Lucy Beynon (45 mins) - john hurts [from idiot]


(abstract / argument)

"Violence of heart and spirit strikes vile terror,
but violence lost from action is terror pell-mell
and more than utterly ruinous.
Finest Work!"

I am already inside the work which contains my death.
Is there a time when I am outside of this work and apprehend its entire form? To

durationmaterial: person clothed / naked / masked / unmasked / barefoot / shod / in light / in dark / speaking / silent / amplified / unamplified / recorded / unrecorded / in movement / still / remembering / forgetting / working / not working. Acting! - 'doing' (but for sustained durations with AUTHENTIC SPEECH!) Performing! - exertion, exhaustion, evacuate. Occupy. Bequeath. Dialogue Music? live + recording <5> x 2. Spontaneous (prepared and otherwise) confessions, professions, childhoods, agings e.g.: 'I am 35 years old' or 'When I was 10 years old I wrote a play entitled "Shit! I'm an actor!"

For an act (of distraction)
is not constituted
merely by (distracting)
the physical movements
of the actor (distracted):
it gains
its identity (distract)
via its location
in a conceptual world.

(And it is this world
which has broken down)

Pathetic expression of nostalgia

(emblazoned on forehead):
One who could take up the past and
-rather than use it for nostalgia
or ersatz mimesis-
project it into vibrant new
ways to live and
to be.

(Here by 'poet' is meant
the broadest sense of
a creative maker
of meaningful space)

I am already inside the work which contains my death.
Was there a time when I was outside of this work and apprehended its entire form? You

Jeremy Hardingham is a theatre-maker and currently manages the Judith E. Wilson Studio at the Faculty of English, Cambridge University, where he also works as a teacher and writer.

john hurts [from idiot]

unintelligible demystifying piece to last forty-five minutes. neither very theatrical, nor audible, nor particularly important. certainly idealistic though. and quick. too quick some might say.

Lisa Jeschke and Lucy Beynon have been working together since 2007. They are based in Berlin.