Tuesday, 7 October 2008


On this, the uncertain occasion of our first blog, we would like to ingratiate ourselves to the following institutions and establishments:

The Theatre.
art. I mean Art.
the life and thought of Valerie Solanas
the call centre from which I was recently sacked for not being good at phone calls.

May our cyber relations prove long lived as long as you don't get needy.

L und L


  1. i had to look up mycology on wikipedia, but thanks to u i learned a new greek word: μύκης. it means fungus, remember that! im too lazy to look up valerie solanas. Maybe you can tell me? sounds greek too, i can definitely see a greek thread running through your art.
    Ha left the first comment and a rather arty one at that! Hurray!

  2. thanks for comment, and apologies for belated reply, we don't know our way around all this bloggy stuff yet and didn't see it. Valarie Solanas was the woman that shot Andy Warhol and wrote the SCUM manifesto. I can't find any evidence of greek decent but it does sound it. And everything seems to be a bit greek. A greek man is living with us at the moment and neither of us can say a word without him claiming it as his own. Paranoia? perhaps.