Wednesday, 27 July 2011

john hurts [from idiot] at the Edinburgh Fringe

8-14 August 2011, 8.15pm

The Annexe (at The Vault)

Venue 29

11 Merchant Street, Edinburgh

unintelligible demystifying piece to last forty-five minutes. neither very theatrical, nor audible, nor particularly important. certainly idealistic though. and quick. too quick some might say.

A discrepant piece of minimalist theatre after both Konrad Bayer's 1960 text 'idiot' and the writings of Simone Weil, john hurts [from idiot] is a theatre essay undermined. Audiences have thrown it everything from belly laughter to abuse - certainly it asks for effort and attention. john hurts [from idiot] is political, ridiculous and, if you like, difficult; but whether you find the critical in its idiocy or vice versa, it is a delicate little fart of a piece.

'Their work incarnates a very rare and exciting mode of live performance which is at once art and entertainment [...] enlivened by a relentless openness to risk.'

(Cambridge Literary Review, Easter 2010)

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